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The Best T Shirt Shop Online? | AAATEE at MannArtt

What makes the “Best T Shirt Shop Online?” It's probably several factors:

  1. Variety of designs; many to choose from.
  2. Variety of shirts; tank tops, tees, hoodies, women's, men's, for kids.
  3. Your input; broad range of sizes, choose your own colors, customize stuff, etc.
  4. Variety of products beyond t shirts, like mugs, phone cases, etc.
  5. Originality and quality of art and design.

We like to think we're way ahead of the crowd on most of these counts. At AAATEE, we've always prided ourselves on doing cutting edge, high quality, super-creative t shirt and merch designs, and we still do. As it happens, we're in a transition period right now. Only a small sampling of our big back catalogue of shirts is available (new products coming every day) and our website is being revamped (which is why you're here, rather than there). But we're still sure, by most of the criteria listed above anyway, that we're one of the best t shirt shops online right now, with more and better designs to come. So stay tuned. Now for some history…

What Has Gone Before. Long Before…

As you may or may not know, Mann is the primary designer, as well as the Creative Director, for AAATEE.com. We think with his talent, we will one day have the best t shirt shop online. Or a damn good one, anyway. Certainly when it comes to quality, creativity and originality. I don't think we're ever going to compete on quantity. Some of these guys out there have a ten or even twenty year head start on us, and have been pumping out a dozen (mostly crappy) shirts a day for years now.

‘Cause guess what? Yeah. The t-shirt biz is like a lot of others – it's a numbers game. For every hit shirt you have, you have a few successful ones and a lot of flops. Hey, the public is fickle, and you never know what's gonna take off, and what isn't. And no, the fact your friends think a new design is badass has little to do with it. Sadly.

Them's the breaks.

So, “the best t shirt shop online.” Are we there yet? Well, no. Not quite. In fact, we've got a ways to go. A long ways, actually. Our online journey (some would say mishaps and travails) has not been without complications. I'm going to address some of those here and tell you where we're headed.

OK? Got it? Good. 😉

Welcome to AAATEE. Sort Of. Kinda.

First off, to reiterate, without Mann, there would be no awesome, funny, badass, offensive t shirts for our endeavors, nor would there be much of a AAATEE to speak of. And as it happens, given the fact we're going through yet another major transition, he's best positioned to “show the flag” online while we sort things out. So, for right now and the foreseeable future, MannArtt will serve as the hub for AAATEE. Eventually, we'll get the whole mess sorted and become (ahem) the best t shirt shop online. Or something like it. Till then, please look for us here.

Over the last few years, AAATEE has been going through various fire drills to try and come up with a business model that works online. We've been selling tees in the real world for a long time, so that's not the problem. In fact, it still primarily depends on that one thing you've heard lampooned before: Location, location, location!

aaaTee logo 2018 extended

It's not hard to sell your stylin' rags if you can put them in front of a lot of eyeballs. Do that, and you'll sell the hell out of 'em. If foot traffic is decent, you're golden. Which is why you've traditionally seen t shirt shops in places where lots of people gather, like malls, beaches, tourist spots, etc.

It's the same online in that it's all about traffic. As with retail, you need to grab those eyeballs, hold them, and then hold them long enough to turn a lookie-loo in a buyer.

“Start A Tshirt Shop Online,” They Said. “It's EASY!” They Said. “Go Ahead,” They Said.

Having a t shirt shop online is actually a lot harder, in some ways, than in the “real world.” Why? Because when you've actually got somebody in your store, they can't simply click a link and vanish – you “own” them, at least for a few minutes. Nor are they constantly being distracted by “outside” forces and/or bombarded with messages from other vendors (or if they are, you're an idiot). They're there, after all. In your store! Odds are, they're going to look around.

Even if they don't buy anything at that moment, they know where you are and have a conscious memory of having been there (“Yeah, I like that t shirt shop over on Main. It's the best tee shirt shop I've been to around here…”). Online, if you lose them, don't have a way of reaching them again, and they didn't join your list (or at very least, bookmark your site), you're probably sunk. Odds are, you'll never see or hear from them again. It's as if your store vanished off of Main without a trace or worse yet, a memory…

So, “they” (the experts) told us we needed to get online for two reasons: 1) it's easier and more lucrative than a brick and mortar store, and 2) retail is dying. Malls are closing, people aren't shopping in “the real world,” like they used to. More and more commerce is happening online. Well, we can have a long debate at the veracity of #1, but there's no doubt about the truth of #2. Even in good locations, foot traffic has dropped by over 50% in recent years. Not good if you're a retailer, or a vendor to retailers.

Empty Shopping Mall in America Circa 2018
It's really hard to sell your t shirts, mugs, hoodies and other goodies at this mall.

So, towards the end of getting in the online game and having “the best tshirt site online,” we've tried many different retailing platforms, from Amazon to Shopify, ecomm to Shopify, Etsy to Teepublic, and more promotion methods than we care to count. Part of the problem is that we're all very busy, which means we can't devote our undivided attention to something which pretty much requires it.

AAATEE online was supposed to be a fun little side hustle, but that doesn't mean we don't want it to be lucrative and successful – which it hasn't always been. Like a lot of misguided online ventures (floundering around, trying to figure shit out), we've put cubic man hours into online only to get very little out of it. So, to say it's been asses and elbows, chaos and confusion, one clusterf*ck after another, and a major disappointment to boot, would be the understatement of all time.

You Can Help Us Make AAATEE The Best T Shirt Shop Online. How? Read On…


If you want to help us, there's several things you can do. And boy, will we appreciate it. Yeah! Thanks. 😀 Furthermore, you'll earn all kinds of good karma, redeemable on your next reincarnation, so bear this in mind. 😉

Here's what you do…

1) Be sure to LIKE this page.

2) Share this page to your friends on social media. There are buttons floating along the side of this post made just for you. Or, use the LIKE button above, which also has share buttons.

3) Make a donation to Mann to keep him going, either via the LIKE button or via Ko-fi.

4) Get on the list, so we can keep you up to date, give you the inside skinny (including input on new designs), provide EXCLUSIVE products and discounts. No spam, no scam, no flim-flam, we promise. We do not now and never will share/sell/rent your info with other parties. Nope. Never. Not gonna happen.

5) Go to our page on Teespring, register if you haven't already, login and hit the FOLLOW BUTTON! In this regard, Teespring is like every other site these days: the more Likes you have (in this case, Followers), the better internal results you'll have.

best t shirt shop online AAATEE.com MannArtt.com
CLICK IMAGE to visit our growing shop on TEEPUBLIC!
We've got a lot more than tees, too. Phone cases, book bags, laptop and iPad cases, etc.

Plans for The Best T Shirt Shop Online. See Into the Future! (Whoo… Spooky).

CLICK HERE to Continue Reading…

So as a result of our various misadventures, our stuff is scattered hither and yon across a number of platforms all over the web. Sloppy, I know. Because of this, there's no one place (as of yet) where you can get everything at once. So what this means is, if you wanna buy, you're going to be going to Amazon, Etsy, Teepublic, etc.. Yeah, it's a kludge and we're unhappy about it. But them's the breaks (for now).

For those who are interested, our current plan is to base our POD business – for about 100 different reasons we won't bore you with here – out of Teepublic, which, according to the criteria of some, already is the best tshirt site online. But like many others of it's type, it's actually a store of stores, if you will – a kind of mall of tee shirt designs. We love that it's an independent site supporting artists, we love that they don't micromanage you the way some big name sites do, and we love that they have so many additional products you can offer without onerous, time-consuming additional setups.

Once Teepublic is fully fleshed out, we're probably going to retire the other sites we're working with. The reasons are many and varied, and many are far beyond the scope of this presentation, but if for no other reason than to simply things as much as possible, it's best for us to work out of ONE location, rather than keep juggling many.

In the meantime, we're re-vamping AAATEE.COM for, well, like, the 100th time – or so it seems like. Stay tuned and we'll keep you posted. When it's time for the BIG ROLLOUT and PREMIERE, we'll let ya know.

Come For A T Shirt, Stay For A Drink* (Well, A Mug).

One day soon (we're about 70% of the way there right now), you'll be able to get ALL of our cool, funny, badass and offensive designs at our new t shirt shop, and grab more than just shirts, homes. That's part of the point, for us. It's “one stop shopping” for you. Eventually, long haul, the plan is to build AAATEE into an ecomm store in it's own right, as we sorta did, a few years back, with Shopify. Only this time we'll be doing it entirely with WordPress, which we can control 100% while not paying through the nose for the privilege. We hope you'll bear with us till then.

Breaking Bad Mug "I Am The Danger" Walter White aka Heisenberg
Breaking Bad Mug – “I AM THE DANGER” – Walter White aka Heisenberg – Available from our shop, and you know you gotta have one!

In the meantime, links herein should take you right out to the platform to browse and buy. If there's any hesitation about signing up for yet another site… don't worry! You don't have to register or go through any malarky at Teepublic – you can buy as a guest!

If you like our badass designs, we strongly urge you to sign up for our list. We DON'T bombard you with spam, and you'll be the first to know when Mann's got new designs in the works, and when they're going to be available.

Please LIKE THIS POST and/or share us to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, etc. Thanks! 😀

*Now, about that drink…

Please Support MannArtt and AAATEE – Get Some Rags or Buy Mann A Drink!

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