December 22


Anti Trump Poster – Funny Donald Wanted – Old West Dead or Alive Style Poster Art

It's the Anti Trump Poster in the Old West Wanted Dead or Alive Style!

It's the Anti Trump Poster if the Old West Wanted him Dead (or Alive), featuring our modern-day #MAGA/mega criminal president. Soon to be seen on post office and police department walls throughout the land—and possibly around the globe! 

Well, one can dream, right? 😉 

It's less than a month till we are rid of Donald Trump (at least, his foul presence in the people's house), and things are going about as I expected.

Between trying to stage a half-baked, half-assed coup to undo the election he got clobbered in (committing new crimes along the way, naturally) and fretting about the myriad of legal entanglements sure to tie him up in court for years to come, he needs to start thinking about a time in the not too distant future in which he might well be a wanted man.

(NOTE: Be sure to tell Donald that in this kind of "wanted," it's not because most of the public (and that subset of the larger public, women especially) like, admire or are attracted to him. It's NOT a good thing. Given that he's not very bright, and tends to hear what he wants to hear, it's important he understand the distinction here.)

With thoughts of such a blessed day, with Donald on the run from John Law—and while watching TOMBSTONE for the umpteenth time—inspiration suddenly gelled, and hence the artwork was born! 

Truth to tell, I've been pondering some kind of Anti Trump Poster/Donald Trump Poster (Wanted Dead or Alive for Treason, etc.) art for some time now, but the impulse to do it hit hard as I was preparing the latest #MAGAfiles entry. Why in particular? Well, read the entry for December 21 to fully understand. 

Here's a one word clue: coup. 

ANTI TRUMP POSTER / DONALD TRUMP POSTER / FUNNY OLD WEST WANTED POSTER art, done as an "old west" style, weathered broadsheet.

Klik Image to Expand!

#DonTheCon(man) or #DonTheCon(vict)? Donald Trump Poster, Wanted for Treason and More!

My bet is that, if things get hot enough, ol' Donnybrook hightails it to a foreign shore where there's either no USA extradition treaty, amenable locals, or both.

In the meantime, he's just begun the expected pardoning spree, preamble to blanket pardons for his entire crime family, and possibly even himself. But because all things in this universe must eventually attain cosmic balance, he's executing scores of federal convicts in an unprecedented display of unnecessary cruelty (a Donald Trump speciality) to achieve cosmic harmony. 

Well, either that or he's just a ginormous suppurating asshole.

Whether this particular state murder-for-pardon gambit works out or backfires remains to be seen. One must never forget the Trump Axiom, for which much historical precedent serves as proof of it's veracity: Everything Trump touches turns to shi*t!

BTW, every claim/assertion made in the Anti Trump Poster/Donald Trump Poster is buttressed by facts and strongly supported speculation.

Still, it's just for fun, and on a few minor things here and there, I could end up wrong. For instance, tax evasion, listed on the wanted poster, would seem to be a pretty likely crime in #DonTheCon's CV.

Why? It's pretty well understood that Donald has been receiving millions of rubles from Russia, and very probably washing them too, over a period of decades. This probably explains how his stunningly unprofitable enterprises somehow stay afloat, via an international banking institution known as the world's most friendly bank for criminals and one of dirty money's biggest laundromats. Deutsche Bank, in other words.  

Speaking of which, in yet another "interesting coincidence," his long-time private bankers at the firm suddenly resigned today. One might think that it has something to do with the fact that after years worth of court battles, the bank was recently forced to hand over it's Trump-related records to authorities. 

But maybe not. Time will tell. So if you take exception to some aspect of my Anti Trump Poster/Donald Trump Poster aka my Trump Treason Old West Wanted Poster, try not to blow a gasket, OK? 

NOTE: There's some pretty funny, sly lil digs at ol' Donald in this art—if I do say so myself—so I strongly suggest you ZOOM IN in order to see 'em. 

The Anti Trump Poster/Donald Trump Poster Perfect for Your Jail House Wall. Merch It?

Would you like to see this Anti Trump Poster/Donald Trump Poster on merch of various kinds, like a poster, mug, t-shirt or other kind of merch? This "Old West Poster" would be seen everywhere if Wyatt Earp were in charge.

If so, then PLEASE let me know! Leave word in the comment section below and tell me what kind of products you'd like to see.

I am dithering on whether to make this into a poster/wall art ASAP, and other kinds of merch are up in the air. 

NOTE: Poster prints will have a signed/numbered option, as well as an option to buy matted and framed. Unless there is YUGE demand, the "limited edition" signed version will be 20-25 prints. Again, if you are interested, PLEASE let me know..

Here's the skinny: setting any piece of art up for actual POD (Print on Demand) production requires hours of work, and I'm not keen to go through all that in order to sell three tees of the damn design. It's just not worth the aggravation.

Finally, perhaps most importantly...

If you find my Anti Trump Poster/Donald Trump Poster amusing, then PLEASE SHARE IT with others!!! Every bit of exposure (and traffic) really helps. Such efforts ARE greatly appreciated!!! 👍.

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1 year ago

That’s an AWESOME Wanted Poster. Haha. Trump and Trumpers will LOVE IT. 😉

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