September 15


Anti Trump Tshirts – Funny 2020 Election Designs

Well, here we are. Me with my Anti Trump Tshirts 'n' Merch, soon to be – if the polls can be believed this time around – totally obsolete. Or mebbe collectors items for the stalwart few.

In any event, it's time for the 2020 election, and before it's too late, I suggest you watch my badass new video and consider buying a tee or three before we're overtaken by events – or Trump takes over (as the for-real Trumpenfuhrer) and Mann (along with quite a few comics, pundits, writers and ex-White House staffers) are "relocated" to work camps in America's Siberia, somewhere north of the Arctic Circle in the part of Alaska where the polar bears outnumber the people. 

Well, back when there were polar bears. 🙁

New Anti Trump Tshirts 'n' Stuff - One Idiot, Two Shits!

anti trump tshirts - person woman man camera tv IDIOT
anti trump tshirts - trump pence TP choice of assholes everywhere

Though if the Trumpian "political re-education camps" work anything like ICE detention centers, they'll quickly be both overfilled and understaffed – a situation which makes escape possible, except that there'd be nowhere to escape to! And yes, I'm aware that Canada exists (sorry, Canada!). 

Of course, if things continue with the environment the way they've been going, what was once the North Pole may resemble the French Riviera before it went under water. So mebbe internal exile won't be all that bad. I doubt there will be much boating or picnicking, though.  

Even though we're winding down the year and the first term of Donald "Grab 'Em By The Pussy" Trump, there's still time enough to make a big statement with my anti Trump tshirts 'n' gear, dawg. Amuse your friends, bemuse the Trumpers, abuse the last shredded pieces of civil discourse in this land, because these hard-hitting tshirt designs say things that need to be said!

New Anti Trump Tshirts - Fascist Freakshow Fun!

anti trump tshirts - New (Old) Glory Trump 2020 - Make Amerikkka (Grate) HATE Again!
anti trump tshirts - TRUMP EPSTEIN 2020 - The Rape Ticket - Make America GROPE Again.

In a funny way, it's true. One of the reasons Donald Trump has run rough shod over the rule of law, civil discourse and United States Constitution itself is because we've all been too freakin' nice. It's not in humanist DNA to be bastards, but we may all need to be to survive what's coming. Seriously. Word.  

But the American mainstream media, forever terrified of not appearing "objective" (are you listening, CNN?), let's Trump and Trumpers spew one outrageous lie after another and tacitly signs off on said s-h-i-t by not vociferously and emphatically calling it out in real time—if at all.

The days of real TV journalism, when real men weren't afraid to call a spade a spade (or a crook a crook) are long gone. Walter Cronkite and Edward R. Murrow probably couldn't get work today; too judgmental and harsh, doncha know. Oh, boo hoo.    

New Anti Trump Tshirts, Mugs, Gear - Whiny Pussy

anti trump tshirts - WHINY LITTLE BITCH - Bill Mahar's Words about Trump!
anti trump tshirts - GROPE 2020 - Grab 'Em By the Pussy Tour - Make Amerika Grope Again

More Than Just Anti Trump Tshirts

Besides the shirts, there's anti Trump mugs, stickers, shirts of all kinds (baseball tees, wifebeater tees, women's tops, sweatshirts and hoodies), totes, phone cases and even more goodies. Ya just gotta check it out, homes. 

Some of these anti Trump tshirts are so brutally frank and hard, you'll need to have balls the size of kumquats (or nectarines) to wear 'em in mixed company – and that includes the ladies! After all, you never know when you might set off some MATAt loon – you know, like Gram. Unpleasant truth, and humor which pokes fun at it, tends to do that sorta thang. 

Anti Trump Tshirts - Hoodies, Totes, Etc. Collect 'em All!

anti trump tshirts - TRUMP - Presidential Seal Series - LIAR IN CHIEF
anti trump tshirts - GRADUATE TRUMP UNIVERISTY
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