AppSumo – What Happened?

Hey fellow Sumo-ling! Mann here. What happened?

If you don't optin, you can't get your files! Now don't worry, I'm NOT going to bombard you with crap. Your address helps me keep in touch with you about revisions, updates and new products. I will NEVER spam you. EVER!

(Hell, you may hear from me so rarely at times, you'll wonder if I'm still around…)

In the case of my InfoMemes, there's actually more to tell you. More than I could do at AppSumo. Did you know you can…

  • Get up to 3000 unique memes? Yep, that's right. You can have 1000 square memes (Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc.), 1000 horizontal memes (Twitter) and 1000 vertical memes (Pinterest).
  • Get your memes FULLY CUSTOMIZED, with your name/brand and URL on every one? Yep, these memes can look like they came from you!
  • Get fully customized sets of memes made for you? We can design, produce and implement anything you need.
  • Get your MEME MASS MARKETING handled by us, so you don't have to lift a finger? Yeah, all these memes make it possible to have almost endless content in your feeds, but setting that up and managing it can be bear if you're not a professional social media manager—and even if you are!

So, klik the button to return to the optin page, get your 300 Marketplace Facts 2021 and then go on from there—if you so desire. No pressure.