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Kollection Mann: Projekt Portfolio from a Past Perfect

A long time ago, in what seems like a galaxy far, far away, Mann had dreams of becoming a book cover illustrator and/or comic book cover artist.

In retrospect, the latter seems much more viable, as breaking into book cover work practically required you to live in New York, and being that Mann was a born-and-bred California guy (SoCal, to be exact), the idea of A) East Coast winters, B) being so far from home, friends and family (NYC being a nice place to visit, but...), and C) starving so far from home was always a non-starter. 

Don't even get him started on how one of the most amazing all around artists and book cover illustrators ever—one of the young Mann's heroes—Frank Kelly Freas ("The Dean of Science Fiction Artists"), ended up after five decades in the field.  

Eventually, there was D), as well. Mann learned that unless one was a big name, doing book covers was not a lucrative occupation—to say the least. It was one thing to be a "starving artist" because you had no work. It was another when work simply didn't pay enough to be anything other than a form of indentured servitude!


The late '80s, early '90s saw lots of crossover comics. Alien fighting Terminator seemed a natural to Mann. Dark Horse Comics loved it, then didn't. 


A "sentimental" piece showing how mama Alien looks after one of her "babies". The light below is that of space marines debating whether to fire or not...

In truth, Mann did have some forays into doing illustration for games and comics in the early '90s, a period of which, according to the artist, the less is said, the better.

Some years later, still toying with breaking into illustration somehow, he considered "funny books" (comics) once again. Mann had both the connections (or so he thought) and the geographical desirability (or so he thought) to have a chance. 

Seeing this burgeoning industry as his artistic salvation, he made a big push to break into the field in '98. He did a batch of pieces that showed his broad capabilities across multiple genres, and in particular, his affinity for dark tales of science fiction and horror, both very popular at the time (as, indeed, they still are today). 

San Diego Comic Con, after all, was only a few hours south of the City of Angels, which Mann called home. Once upon a time, he had attended Comic Con every year. And there he went, sizable portfolio in hand (only some of the works he brought along are shown here) in an effort to attract the attention of industry pros.

Being on the "Left Coast" wasn't going to be as much of an issue in comics as it was in books. He knew that many comic industry types lived and worked in the West (Dark Horse Comics was located in Seattle, for instance). He could even call a few of them by first name, having worked for an LA/Hollywood comics operation that had, sadly, folded prematurely some years earlier (for which Mann did some good work, now lost to history).


Mann loved the goth-modern look of Tim Burton's BATMAN and that fantastical City of Gotham. It informed and inspired this piece, as our hero dispenses justice in an electrical storm...


Mann had an idea for a Predator WWII saga. Pred goes a-huntin' in Stalingrad, ship gets blown up, both sides (Nazis and Reds) after him, he makes some new friends...

In fact, it was about this time (the early to mid '90s) that the big move of adapting comic books into films began in earnest. Working in Tinsel Town during this period, Mann was more than a witness to it; he was a participant—as a graphic designer/art director in the entertainment advertising industry.

The response to his work at ComicCon was stunningly positive. He ran out of 1000 business cards by day 2. Numerous portfolio pieces were passed out. The publisher of Dark Horse Comics—the company Mann REALLY wanted to work for—told him that some of his pieces were "ready made covers," and practically assured the artist steady work. 

Which did not explain how and why, several weeks after ComicCon, when Mann contacted said publisher as instructed, he was treated very rudely and given the verbal "heave ho."

Today, all these years later, the artist says it doesn't hurt, but that kind of 180º about-face bitch-slap has gotta smart still, regardless.

Then, slithering in the pits and in the depths of post-ComicCon despair, Tinsel Town came calling once again, with it's many blandishments (filthy lucre being chief among them, not to mention wine, women and song*), and the rest, so they say, is history... 

Q.V.: Samples of Mann's entertainment advertising work

It was not lost on Mann as the years went by that the films he was doing design (and later video and web) work on—like X-MEN, HELLBOY, HARRY POTTER, PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN, MEN IN BLACK—were the very kind of projects he'd hoped to work on at the front end, not at the back!

NOTE: In case it's not clear, the title of the post is tongue-in-cheek; Mann's "illustrious" past career was anything but "perfect." 

*Mann is still waiting to collect on the "wine, women and song" part; he has it on good authority that it will all arrive any day now... 


At one time Mann worked with one of the co-creators of the archetypal comic bad boy, LOBO. There was talk of doing many covers. Of course it fell through... 


Mann was part of an avid RPG group which played, among other things, TORG. He was particularly enamored of the Cyberpapacy realm...

Star Wars Shirts for Women, etc. | Fun Memories of Star Wars 3

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Well, market forces and technology changed everything in the ensuing years. Between the release of Star Wars in 1977 and the first sequel, Mann had learned how to hand paint his own of Star Wars shirts, an endeavor which presaged his creation of an entire line of Star Wars shirts for women, men and everybody else in more recent years.

And by the time of the release of Return of the Jedi (a shocking six years after Star Wars; it was originally going to be called "Revenge of the Jedi" and released in 1980), video tape was making it's impact all across America.

This was a miracle for movie geeks of all stripes. People were theoretically able to own their own copies of Star Wars movies and watch it whenever they wanted, in the comfort of their own homes!

Star Wars Shirts for Women, Boys, Girls, Men and Other Humanoids of the Galactic Empire!

Whether you're a gungun (sorry) or a wookie, a Jedi or a bounty hunter, or some other spacefarer, we've got cool, funny Star Wars shirts for women, boys, girls, men and everybody else. Even ewoks!

If THE FORCE isn't with you... then THE FARCE almost certainly is! Mann knows this all too well from personal experience...

Storm Trooper aim is notoriously bad. Either you can't see anything outta those helmets or the sights are off or...? 

Of course, this was pragmatically impossible for most, as actually buying commercially recorded movies in those days was prohibitively expensive. Getting your hands on movies was what the local video store was for.

Parenthetically, this was a time of great panic for the movie business, as it was believed that "home viewing" would kill theaters. The studios clearly did not believe in The Force. 

The Market Force. 

The same fears were floated (even more so) when DVD arrived. Ironically, overall, the new technologies actually increased public interest, gave the studios a means to monetize their enormous back catalogues (which had never really existed before), and in general, made the studios more money, and more consistent money, too.

Instead of living and dying by their latest films, the big, well-known studios had a source of ongoing revenue. Who knew that video tape would force them to change their business model – kicking and screaming the entire way – to something even better?

The relentless march of technological progress would continuously bring the price of actually owning a movie down. The arrival of video disks, followed by DVDs and then Blu-Ray, made it possible. But streaming services and ultimately, video on demand, have made owning a movie unnecessary.

Taken together, it all ultimately spelled the end of that favorite fixture of American life, the video store, for good. Yes, kids, another whole business category wiped out by time and technology.

The trip to the video store is (snif) no more. Besides the movies themselves, you could get all kinds of cool, fun stuff, from popcorn and snacks, to movie memorabilia like posters, figurines, plush toys and Star Wars shirts for women, men and other space beings. Alas, no mas.  

For Mann, the "Star Wars experience," such as some have characterized it, was profound. Luckily (or maybe unluckily, depending on how you measure it) our young artist came of age when George Lucas' fervid imagination and blockbuster films were a powerful force on both the culture and the collective imagination.

For a young lad like Mann, it's all inextricably tied to seminal life events, like graduations and girlfriends, first jobs and cars, the early phases of adulthood and the departure from childish things. To some extent, anyway.

Not to mention a line of Star Wars shirts for women, men, kids and other bipeds. 

The girlfriends, the cars, the jobs – even most of the buddies are vanished to the mists of time – but the love of Star Wars lingers on. It probably always will...

Formative Life Experiences: Girls, Cars and Star Wars (Not Necessarily In That Order)

For one movie to be readily viewable at the local theater for an entire year, when most movies were gone in, at best, a month or two, was quite the thing. Two years earlier, another one of Mann's formative favorites, Jaws, had had crowds lined up around the block too.

It was, for a few short years, the biggest blockbuster of all time, and the one by which everything else was measured. In fact, the term "blockbuster" was put into common use by the long, box office busting run of Jaws. But the lines and showings faded out within a few months. Star Wars seemed to go on forever and ever and ever...

If you wanted to see Star Wars in the summer of 1977, you got used to lines like this. And you also realized you were not going to meet any girls in line, either...

Mann and his friends joked that Star Wars would be the first movie in history to be showing everywhere, forever, on continuous loop...

The ubiquity of the film meant young dorks like our insane genius could see Star Wars multiple times over a period of many months. Being a teenager then, he was old enough that he didn't have to drag anyone along with him, either. 

Young Mann saw Star Wars over 30 times – quite a few times by himself – during that year long period. It got to the point where he could recite entire sections from memory! And he would have seen it more but, sigh... allowance only went so far.

Most of his family, of course, thought he was absolutely insane – an opinion that many still hold. And perhaps he was. He had no inkling back then, as a budding artist, that his "insanity" would hold him in good stead, and that one day he'd work on Lucasfilm projects as a professional, or design funny Star Wars tshirts for other fans decades later.

Cosplay? Maybe. But fan boys? Clearly, yes! This line is probably for Return of the Jedi in 1983, but it shows the kind of fanatic dedication to Star Wars found in those days (note E.T. tshirt in background; the film came out in 1982.)

Despite it all, Mann's final watch tally paled in comparison to that of other even more hard core devotees (i.e. other young lunatics). He later had a frenemy who bragged about seeing Star Wars over 100 times during that same period. Now that, Mann commented recently, tongue in cheek, "seemed a tad bit obsessive."

But given the time, it was understandable too.

If you were a dork in those days, you knew you might never see Star Wars again till your kids were in college, and all you would have to go by was your old, worn-out Star Wars shirts and fond recollections. It was best to top off the memories as much as possible, as they were all you would have for many years to come.

A few years later, Mann's chief interest was his unrequited love for the prettiest girl in school and somehow acquiring wheels that didn't have to be pedaled (so as to impress said girl, among other things), but his passion for Star Wars never wavered...

And it led, eventually, to his series of Star Wars shirts for women, boys, girls, men and wookies. But not ewoks. Oh no. NOT ewoks!

Some Guys Get "The Force" – Other's Get "The Farce" – And It Is With Them, Always...

Mann shudders when recounting all the different ways he has "bought the whole farm, manure and all" more than once, and is sure the evil genius behind it all, George Lucas, has laughed all the way to the bank – repeatedly!

There were the innumerable versions and editions of the Star Wars saga, on tape, video disk, DVD, Blu-ray... not to mention all the other related memorabilia... many thousands of dollars worth, at least...

The three young stars of Star Wars, with imperial escort (or perhaps chaperone), unaware of what the future will bring. For years, Harrison Ford seemed embarrassed by his role (he doesn't look too happy here), but went on to great stardom. Poor Mark Hamill and Carrie Fisher (RIP) were forever typecast, though she seemed to suffer the most from it all, at least personally. They all look as if Mann's funny Star Wars shirts for women, men, storm troopers, etc. might have cheered them up, but we'll never know... 

Today, Mann's enthusiasm for Star Wars has waned considerably; the inevitable result of the distance of years, decades of life experience and, as Mann is pained to say, what he would consider very bad creative choices made by Lucasfilm over the course of time.

Many highly personal Star Wars-related memories, good and bad, which we've only touched on here, don't change his fundamental love for the pastiche science-fantasy universe of George Lucas. Which probably explains, despite it all, why he's created his archly funny line of Star Wars shirts for women, children and aliens (as long as they are bilaterally symmetrical, anyway). 

Yes, it's difficult to feel great affection when still smarting, decades later, over the existential and unforgivable threats of so-cute-I-might-puke ewoks and an entire race of Rastafarian gungans, or forgive such transgressions. It may even explain his "The Farce" series of tees, and other somewhat caustic, satirical Star Wars-inspired designs. But despite it all, the unrequited love lives on...

Or maybe Mann's just fixated on getting back at George Lucas for "the slight" all those years ago. But that's a long Seinfeldian tale of bitter Hollywood resentment and revenge, better left for another time...

Star Wars Shirts for Men Women Kids | Memories of Star Wars 2

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Star Wars Mania...

Though Mann is now producing Star Wars shirts for men, women and kids today, he wishes he was of age and owned a tshirt printing press back in spring of 1977! 

Within a few months of it's release (May of '77), by the summer of that year, the movie was playing widely across all of Southern California, and you didn't have to go far to see it. For example, it was running continuously at a shopping mall not far from Mann and his friends, which made it possible for them to see it over and over and over again...

People went crazy for Star Wars. The "movie for kids" enchanted nearly everyone. Even "mature adults" came to see it time and time again (though many would not admit it at the time).

It's hard for a lot of people to imagine today, but Star Wars played theatrically across most of North America for OVER A YEAR! It was unprecedented at the time, and still represents a phenomena which will almost certainly never be duplicated – if for no other reason than we live in a time wherein movies are available for view weeks after release, which means nobody is ever going to stand in line like that again. 

Star Wars Shirts for Men, Women and Kids

The new and not so new. Mann's Han Solo title/logo parody shirt was inspired by the recent release of the movie by the same name. The jab at THE FORCE goes way back. Don't like the bad pun which lead to THE FARCE line of shirts? Then blame Mann's dad, who was a notorious punster and infected the young artist's mind at a very early, impressionable age. 

In space, noone can hear you, well... it's Han Solo's dirty little secret! Don't tell Princess Leia...

THE FORCE has Awakened if you're a Jedi in training. Otherwise, you're a schlub like Mann and get... THE FARCE!

It's really amazing when you think about it. Even six months after it's premiere, you could say: "Hey, I wanna go see Star Wars," and it was not impossible. Believe it or not, it actually ran for years before closing!

You could get in your car – or, if you were Mann and his friends, hop the bus or deploy the ten speeds – and go to the not-too-distant metroplex. Odds were it was still playing in the main cinema, too.

And if you were particularly sneaky, you could even figure out a way to see it several times on the same day. Not that we're saying Mann did such a thing – just that it was theoretically possible!

There was one constant though, for many months: you didn't go to the movies on a Friday or Saturday night, because of the damn lines for Star Wars!

More of the crowd thronging Grauman's Chinese Theater during the premiere of Star Wars. In the background is the famous Roosevelt Hotel, where many a dignitary and star has stayed down through the decades. Marilyn Monroe is said to still reside there. Spooky, right? Notice that there are a few females in this shot – no doubt indulgent moms curious to see what the Star Wars hubbub was all about. 

During that long, hot summer of '77, Mann would drag everyone he knew to see the movie, including his "very boring, conservative parents," who didn't quite know what to make of the film or, it became increasingly clear, of him.

His father, he later learned, had at least some basis for understanding the film, having read the pulps as a kid. But as for his poor sainted mother... well, let's just say she thought The Wizard of Oz a bit too bizarre.

By comparison, Star Wars was a personal affront and attack on all that was sacred and holy and... well... just... normal.

Memories of Star Wars...

Now, for the kids out there, if you didn't know already, this was an era (gasp) some years before video tape, a decade before CDs and decades before movies on demand. There was no Blockbuster or Netflix.

The way it worked back in those days was (gasp) – when a movie closed, that was it! Period. It was gone, for all intents and purposes, forever. You might… I say, might… pick it up at a film festival or possible revival some years in the future.

You couldn't realistically expect a mega-hit like Star Wars to be on TV any time soon. I mean, we're talking years. So…


Back in the day, all you had was your memories and the Star Wars shirts for men, women or kids, posters and other memorabilia you might have acquired along the way.

An industry unto itself: Star Wars memorabilia, and the enormous fan base devoted thereto. We don't know who this dude is, but he could well be one of Mann's even more insane-than-he-is friends, who take "fan boy" to a special level of obsession. This could also be Mann's aforementioned frenemy (callout box above), who as a kept man these days has little more to do than spend his allowance on toys. If you DO know this fellow or anyone like him—dorks who apparently must own anything and everything Star Wars—Mann begs you to point him (or her) towards his Star Wars shirts for men (or women)!  

Now Disney was known, in those days, for doing what other studios generally did not do. That being, re-releasing their classics every five years or so, so that every age group would have fond memories of Cinderella and Bambi, and be sure to bring the next generation a few iterations down the road.

Mann remembers sobbing, as a very young boy, during one such re-release of Bambi!

And it was all damn smart marketing, of course. But nobody had any expectation that 20th Century Fox would do the same with Star Wars, so it was imperative for the devoted fan to see it as many times as possible during it's initial (and likely only) run.

Twentieth Century Fox, which had financed the film against all advice (despite the fact that it was made on a shoe-string budget of $11 million), was making huge bank

And George Lucas, who had somehow managed to retain full rights to the merchandizing, was making huge bank too – on Star Wars shirts for men, women and kids, and on toys, models, posters, books, etc.. That's an oversight Fox lost millions on, to which I say: Good for you, George Lucas! 

The Big D would later buy out George Lucas and Lucasfilm and end up owning not just one but two of the greatest movie franchises of all time – Star Wars and Indiana Jones. Together, these two franchises have the dubious honor of also having been thoroughly ruined by their own creator*, but I digress.

Anyway, Disney has gone on to churn out Star Wars material at a breathtaking pace, and revive their own theme parks with these two brands. Not bad, considering the company's early and infamous forays into science-fiction/fantasy—The Black Hole and TRON—were never going to, as they say in the biz, "put butts in seats" ever again. 

Come to think of it, those two filmic abortions probably explain the desire to own Lucasfilm outright! 

*A problem Mann has been known to attribute to The Creator and The Universe at large, but that's a different discussion. 

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