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8 months ago

Trump Collusion or Trump Conspiracy

trump collusion conspiracy russia putin thumb

[August 7 2018] There seems to be a lot of confusion these days about Trump Russia collusion. People want to know: “Is collusion a crime? Is Trump in bed with the Russians? What about the ‘pee pee’ tape?” POTUS, via his Twitter feed, his own out-of-control mouth and his even more out-of-control mouthpiece, Rudy Guiliani, […]

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last year

Da New Shit

Well, it’s been a LONG, LONG time since MannArtt has had a site. Like a decade, I think. But it’s time and past time to resurrect this thing, if for no other reason than to have a place to park my art and other creative endeavors. Despite my artistic OCD tendencies, I’m going to keep […]

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