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Anti Trump Poster – Funny Donald Wanted – Old West Dead or Alive Style Poster Art

It’s the Anti Trump Poster in the Old West Wanted Dead or Alive Style!It’s the Anti Trump Poster if the Old West Wanted him Dead (or Alive), featuring our modern-day #MAGA/mega criminal president. Soon to be seen on post office and police department walls throughout the land—and possibly around the globe!  Well, one can dream, right? […]

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The #MAGAfiles – Trump, Covid and 500,000 Dead?

The #MAGAfiles. It’s my little foray into documenting, in graphic form, the horrific improprieties of the #Trump Regime, here at the end of four years of inept despotism and would-be, tin pot, tin foil hat dictatorship. And specifically, the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic, and the effects it will continue to have on us even […]

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Kollection Trump: Art 4 the #ManBaby We Love to Hate

I’ve hated Donald J. Trump for years, and Kollection Trump should prove it (for anyone who has a doubt). I disliked him and thought he was a conman and a crook from long before that fateful day he descended from the gold plated on-high of Trump Tower, to the roar (OK, mildly excited cheers) of a […]

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Twitter Censorship–Absurdly Saving the Feelings of Public Figures

UPDATE Dec 7, 2020: The points I make in the following article just got reinforcement from—guess what? Yep, you guessed it—from Twitter itself! Read on to see what I mean… And In Particular, Douchey Ones! So I guess you can say it finally happened—Twitter censorship hit yours truly. I finally got spanked by the little bird.  And I […]