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Book Cover Designer – Cool Professional Graphic Design – eBooks & Kindle

SPECIAL OFFER – 50% OFF for a LIMITED TIME! Prices Start at $25!

The 25% OFF Sale has ended. However, you can still get a great book cover at a great price. Scroll down, then KLIK to KONTACT!

If you're looking for a book cover designer for your ebook, PDF or release on Amazon Kindle, you've come to the right place. As a long time professional Graphic Designer, Art Director, Illustrator, Digital Artist (I began, lo those many years ago, as an airbrusher) and Creative Manager, I've created many a book cover in my time – scores of them, in fact – for everything from Kindle and ebooks to for-real, no-kidding actual physical books (gasp). You can read more about my background here, if you like.

I'm in the process of building out this page to be a more complete representation of who I am and my work as a book cover designer over the years, but you can get a sense of what I'm capable of by check on the artwork examples here and by around this site. I think you can see from these examples that I can work in any design style or niche.

If you're looking for more “high end,” full-blown illustration (for things like SF/Fantasy), you'll need to think about budgeting for original illustration. This is separate and apart from the graphic design. But the good news is, most book covers don't require it, even in the SF/Fantasy niches. Depending on the complexity involved, whether you want a wrapping cover, and the status of the artist in question, prices can be shocking (if not horrifying) for the beginner — but think $500 and up! Well known pros with established careers can (and will) demand at least several multiples of this amount. Be advised.

If in doubt about any of this, or you have questions, feel free to KONTACT ME; we'll set up a time to talk. The first consultation is always FREE!

Lock In This Book Cover Designer Today for HALF OFF! Sale Ends Soon, So ACT NOW!

During the launch of my book cover design services, we're doing a 50% OFF SPECIAL, meaning you can get a design like one of th samples shown on this page starting at $25. If additional services are required (like securing rights to use a particular photo, for instance), the price will rise. But for basic design using any of the thousands of royalty free stock photos we have access to, you'll only pay $25. We provide the finished files you need to drop right in on Amazon KDP (Kindle) or at other book sites, or for apps like Powerpoint.

I know these prices may seem too good to be true, and in a way they really are. That's why they won't last long. So secure your slot ASAP, before it's gone for good.

You're probably thinking… there's gotta be a catch here. And there is! Just one. All I ask in return for taking me up on this special offer is that you give me a good review/testimonial, one that I can use for social proof. But not to worry. If you've got a product or service (or book!) you're promoting, you'll even get a backlink to it from your this site, tweets, etc.. So… GET STARTED TODAY!

Click here to KONTACT MANN about your book cover design today.

Full Book Cover Design, Production and Marketing Services

As part of book cover designer packages, we're going to offer more than just a badass and beautiful cover design for you; we're going to do it all, from full on production services – we'll design and layout the interior of your masterpiece – to complete marketing campaigns, including social media promotion, press releases and more.

In the short term, if your plan is to set up your book on Amazon KDP, you may be interested in our Kindle Setup Service. This is actually a deluxe service we're offering at fire sale prices right now, and for the same reason as above; we need to get our name out there, and we're looking for testimonials and reviews.

But what are these services, right? You're probably thinking: What do I need them for? So here goes…

Why You Need Our Book Marketing Setup Services!

If you're familiar with any kind of marketing online, you know that doing research, picking the right keywords and keyword phrases, and positioning yourself properly is at least half the battle. What most authors and even some publishers don't realize is that Amazon, like Google, is really just a big search engine. If you want to give your book the absolute best chance to be found by searchers – in both Amazon internally and Google externally – you need to know what you're doing.

Guessing isn't going to cut it. Not even close.

You've got to do the research, pick the right keywords/tags, and put together a readable description (preferably one that's well-written) which also helps in search. Heck, even formatting your description properly in Amazon requires specialized tools/knowledge!

As far as “the big A” goes, you even need to know about the competition within categories, and how to to pick the right ones in order to get maximum exposure as quickly as possible. Did you know, for instance, that there are OVER 16,000 BOOK CATEGORIES on the platform? You get to pick two. How would you even guess the right ones, much less pick the best ones based on real-world data that is none-the-less hidden from you (i.e. Amazon ain't tellin').

There Are 16,000 Book Categories on Amazon: Do You Know The RIGHT ONES To Choose for Maximum Exposure?

Dealing with all this and doing it right requires specialized tools and knowledge. Heck, because Amazon uses it's own proprietary format (different from the industry standard ePub or PDF), you really should know the ins and outs of that, too. I could go on and on.

The point is, if you want more than just an awesome book cover, but you want to have a marketing expert do all the “grunt” work for you – work that would require you to invest a lot of your time if you don't know how to do yourself – so that you have the best possible chance of being found in organic search, then let's talk.

For a very limited time, my Kindle/eBook setup service also starts at $25. 🙂 It's easily a $50 value, and I'll probably charge twice that (yeah, $100) once this really gets rolling. So, again… as they say… ACT NOW!!!

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