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Anti Trump Poster – Funny Donald Wanted – Old West Dead or Alive Style Poster Art

It’s the Anti Trump Poster in the Old West Wanted Dead or Alive Style!It’s the Anti Trump Poster if the Old West Wanted him Dead (or Alive), featuring our modern-day #MAGA/mega criminal president. Soon to be seen on post office and police department walls throughout the land—and possibly around the globe!  Well, one can dream, right? […]

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Art Ban–1 of 2 Nearly Identical Tshirt Designs Censored–WTF?

Another Art Ban: Here We Go AgainI knew my Confascist Cross (aka the Confascerate Cross) design would be controversial. But “art ban” controversial? Well, apparently, it is. And is not.  Confused? Imagine my feelings.  What I was hoping was that this design wasn’t too hot for the tshirt site we’re currently working with: Teepublic. Well, alas, […]

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The Confascist Cross – New Rebrand of Two Old Signs of Hate

“One Flag to to rule them all, one Flag to bind them, one Flag to lead them all and in the darkness bind them.” OK, in case you haven’t immediately figured it out, I cribbed the above from Lord of the Rings to help characterize my Confascist Cross (aka the Confascerate Cross). Modifying Tolkien’s words felt […]

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Anti Trump Tshirts – Funny 2020 Election Designs

Well, here we are. Me with my Anti Trump Tshirts ‘n’ Merch, soon to be – if the polls can be believed this time around – totally obsolete. Or mebbe collectors items for the stalwart few. In any event, it’s time for the 2020 election, and before it’s too late, I suggest you watch my badass […]