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Funny Star Wars Shirts & Tees for Men, Women & Kids | Memories of Star Wars

If you're looking for original, unique, attractive, one-of-a-kind funny Star Wars shirts for men, women and children, you've come to the right place. Our chief designer and creative force has been a Star Wars dork for decades, and it's reflected here in some of his humorous, satirical designs for the genre.

But wait, as they say, there's more! Yes, Mann has more such work soon to be available. In the meantime, we hope you enjoy what you see here, and like it enough to share it and even buy it (hint, hint).

So Many Funny Star Wars Shirts—So Little Time...

Below are two of Mann's most popular designs. One is old, the other new, both are funny Star Wars shirts! There are more at the store. Buy one, buy all! 😝 Check 'em out!

funny star wars shirts - parody spoof of STAR WARS movie title treatment - STAR BORES

The original Mann STAR WARS parody piece, from a long time ago...

funny star wars shirts - ecruiting poster for the Imperial Storm Troopers

Join the Imperial Storm Troops and see the galaxy... if you live that long!

A Long Time Ago, In A Movie Theater Far, Far Away...
Or, How It All Began for Mann.

Our resident artist was a lucky kid. Even though his parents worked in more or less mainstream professions, he had friends whose parents were employed in Tinsel Town. Through these connections, he sometimes got advance information on upcoming movies, and even the chance to see them before anybody else.

The year was 1977! He'd heard about Star Wars through another young friend whose mother worked in "the biz." She obtained advance press materials for the film, and young Mann even got his hands on a limited edition full color promotion package, which he cherished for years and which would probably be worth some very nice coin today, if it still existed (sadly, it was lost long ago). 

Later, he heard more from another kid whose father worked on Steven Spielberg's Close Encounters of the Third Kind, and who saw to it that our young artist got to tour the production offices (an experience so powerful and formative, it may well have changed Mann's life and career path (and arguably, not for the better)).

Not only would there be no funny Star Wars shirts without the eponymous movie, there might not have been an artistic career for Mann in later years (which, arguably, would have been a good thing. 😟 See Mann's recounting of his 25 Years A(n) (Art) Slave.)

To our young artist, Close Encounters looked pretty cool... but nothing, seemingly, could compare to Star Wars. And then, somewhere along the way, while in a theater watching one movie or another, Mann experienced the first trailer for what would become his favorite movie of all time (at least for many years)—and that was that! 

Star Wars was the film by which all others would be measured. Mind blown, for the young man interested in both movie making and stories of wonder, the wait for the film's arrival was excruciating torment, exacerbated by growing media interest and endless teasers, of one form or another, showing up everywhere.

The young Mann was among the first owners of Star Wars shirts in all of Los Angeles, including one with the old, disused early-version logo and another with the infamous Brothers Hildebrandt poster, long since fallen away to dust.

The Premiere of Star Wars, Mann's Chinese Theater Hollywood, CA 1977

Not only did Mann see Star Wars long before most of America did, he owned plenty of funny Star Wars shirts before anybody else, too.

NOTE: "Funny" in the sense that many of them were unofficial bootlegs 😲 from which George Lucas made no money. Poor George: he must have really suffered. But every dog has his day; in 2012, he cashed out a billionaire with a billion in Disney stock. Boo hoo. 

star wars premiere crowd mann's chinese theater 1977

Hollywood Blvd. and Mann's Chinese Theater, the way it looked, May 1977, during the opening days of Star Wars. Notice that the crowd is so big, it has spilled out onto the main drag. Unfortunately, none of them as yet could get their hands on funny Star Wars shirts like the one's Mann would later create. But look closely! Somewhere in there may well be the young Mann and his friends...

More importantly, however, Mann was lucky enough to see George Lucas' epic at the world famous Mann's Chinese Theater during it's opening week in... OMG... wait for it... May of 1977! Yeah, like we said: A long time ago...

To be clear, the Mann theater operation had absolutely nothing to do with the young artist who would later be known by that same moniker (though he wished then and still does that it did). It was, in retrospect, just a strange coincidence. And it didn't help in any way with obtaining tickets! 😣

However, in perhaps an even stranger coincidence, it would be some years later that in a t shirt shop literally half a block from Mann's Chinese Theater, our artist would sell his first caustically funny, satirical t shirt designs, including the first of his funny Star Wars shirts!

One Star Wars T-shirt Which Led to A Lifetime of Funny Star Wars Shirts...

To say that Star Wars was an international hit and global cultural phenomena would be the understatement of all time. It was so big, it spawned everything from the obligatory Star Wars tshirts and posters, to toys, lunch boxes, collector cards, comic books, calendars, etc., etc., etc..

Like many of us, Mann wishes he'd A) kept his memorabilia, and B) kept it in primo shape. It would be worth a small fortune today.

Mann's first "movie t-shirt" was also his first official piece of Star Wars merch. It was the now world-famous painting by the great Brothers Hildebrandt, who would later go onto much fame, fortune and glory, and serve as ongoing artistic inspirations for the young Mann.

Their shirt was only the first of many Star Wars shirts, but by far not the last.

star wars movie poster brothers hildebrandt

The pre-release original Star Wars promotional poster, painted in 36 insane hours by the Brothers Hildebrandt, who would become major artistic influences on the young Mann. He also wore out his shirt with the same artwork… three times!

The Night After Opening Night...

Mann had to stand in line just like everybody else. The only saving grace was that the line standing began on a weekday afternoon when demand, while still high, did not necessarily require camping out.

For those unfamiliar with such ancient rites, in those days of yore, weeks worth of showings were not sold out in minutes online. Once upon a time, you actually had to and could show up at the box office, wait your turn and secure some tickets. It made ticket sales considerably slower, and actually gave the little guy a fair break. 

But of course, in the Empire, we can't have that! 🤨

Anyway, people who were willing to put in the time and burn a little shoe leather (or tennis shoe rubber, as the case may be), actually had the advantage back then. Imagine that. Some even wore funny Star Wars shirts in line, like Mann would later do when Phantom Menace came out. But that's a different story... 

star wars mann's chinese theater from hollywood blvd 1977

Mann's Chinese Theater – but not Mann's – the way he remembers it from the Star Wars release period (1977), as seen from Hollywood Blvd.

Unfortunately, Mann didn't get to see Star Wars opening night. Snif. But he did almost as well. School was winding down and the parents of friends who understood the nearly out of control excitement of their son and his friends (Mann foremost among them) arranged to take the group for a showing on day two of it's run.

Mann was just a young kid then (as opposed to an old one now), and otherwise pretty mature for his age. But leaving the burbs and going to Hollywood to see the film on a big screen with great sound – the day after the big premiere, no less – was almost more than he could stand. The entire experience left an indelible mark on his psyche, soul and sanity which impacts him to this day.

And little did he know he'd one day be making funny Star Wars shirts for men, women and kids and selling them on... what? The inter-what? 

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