HISTORY KARDS – Almost There!

So here's the deal. Because the web is full of bots and idiots who opt-in to lists for no logical reason, I've had to go to the ol' double-opt in method to ensure that the names and emails which end up on the list are legit. This also protects me so that nobody can say I shagged an email without permission. What this means to YOU is that...

You need to go to your inbox and klik on the

Once you've done that, you're set! Sorry for the inconvenience... and thanks. ????

Sometimes, Yahoo, AOL, Outlook, Gmail, etc. will see legit email as spam. If you don't see the email, be sure to check Bulk/Spam, click "Not Spam" and/or Whitelist us so you don't miss any news, info or previews of HISTORY KARDS.