November 5


History Kards – Crowdfund? Private Offer? Death? You Decide!

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UPDATE Dec 7 (!), 2020: I've been away from this History Kards projekt for some weeks now—not entirely by choice. Exigent circumstances intervened. Like, for instance, helping rid the nation of Donald "Grab 'em by the pussy" Trump, hopefully for good.

Though the way things are going at this point, I wonder if we'll EVER be rid of the toxic fool entirely—a prospect which both horrifies and sickens me. One way or another (gag), we're stuck with him for some time to come. But I digress... 

OK. To begin...

So prior to this post, I've gotten VERY LITTLE feedback on the History Kards project, which I know has a lot to do with my vanishingly small online footprint—something I hope to correct soon enough—though I don't know that it's going to happen by means of social media

In fact, it's vital that I figure out a way to correct this issue if I'm ever going to get this and other projeckts beyond the "cool idea" stage and into the world. Which is what this post is all about, and how you can help. In short...


Graphic showing the Aces from the first deck of History Kards.

To Crowdfund or Not to Crowdfund–That is the Question. OK. Well, One of Them...

As you may already know, my thought/plan here has been to crowdfund this thing. The first 12 kards are done, but that leaves 38 to go—which is an absolute TON of work.

Not to get into production difficulties in great detail, but let's just say that between the researching, writing and design, it can take several days per card. Yeah. So do the math...

A crowdfund would serve two purposes: 1) Participants will have a unique opportunity to both "get their name in lights" and benefit posterity by helping get these cards out into the world, and 2) the artist (moi) will be able to focus on the business of getting History Kards out the door, rather than just keeping the wolf from it. 

But this begs the bigger question at this point.

To wit: Does anybody even care?

Am I barking up the wrong tree here? Do people outside my immediate circle actually think this is a cool idea, too? Cool enough, in theory, to buy? 

'Cause there's no point in discussing a crowdfund if nobody cares. 


Graphic showing the Kings from the first deck of History Kards. But the question is, do we crowdfund now, crowdfund later, or crowdfund not at all?

What the 'F' is History Kards? 

In short, as you can probably see here, History Kards is my idea to produce graphical playing card decks which have an intrinsic educational and entertainment value, in addition to just being a fun and more engaging way to play card games. 

Whether you're playing gin rummy, poker, solitaire, bridge, war... it doesn't matter, because History Kards is a standard 52 card deck, suitable for use with any card game. And unlike other card games, you might actually learn something by playing card games with History Kards! 😋 

Here's the kicker that makes these cards truly unique, and allows YOU to become part of history (in a good way).

Each card—all the villains, from Aces to Deuces—has a named sponsor. A patron, if you will. And that can be YOU, pal! Cool, huh? 😎

If you missed this feature before, just take another look at the art on this page to see where your name might go... 

Eventually, I want to produce original card games too. I've got plenty of killer koncepts for those. But that's a whole nother order of magnitude (or two) of complication and production difficulty. Creating a card game or card-based game makes the whole process much, much harder.

At this point, I want to focus on A) the product that has the broadest possible appeal, and B) the one which will take the least amount of time to bring to the market.

I believe, whenever and wherever possible, in KISS: Keep It Simple, Stupid. So, in short, as a one-man band, I believe I should focus on History Kards first. 

Which is why I believe History Kards is it, and all I need now is some help in getting it all done.  

Which is where YOU come in... 

Graphic showing the Queens from the first deck of History Kards. But the question is, do we crowdfund now, crowdfund later, or crowdfund not at all?

Where We're At

Based on how people I know have reacted to the concept, History Kards will generate interest, engagement and discussion in and of themselves. The appeal is broad. History buffs, in particular, really dig these cards, but they're suitable for just about any group of people and will enhance virtually any card game you might play.

History Kards will one day, I hope, be a household name.

I know they will make great gifts and stocking stuffers, too. Of course, in this horrible age of Covid, one wonders when we'll be getting together in groups to have fun ever again, but I digress... 

The question of the moment is: What next? 

Do we crowdfund now, crowdfund later (but make a special private offer to those of you who are early enthusiasts), or kill the whole thing all together?

Maybe you have a great idea I/we haven't thought of along these lines, in which case I hope you'll leave it in the comments below.

(Say, if you're a rich history buff who wants to be my patron, we can answer this existential question right now! 🤩 Crowdfund? Who needs a crowdfund with a rich patron, right?) 

Hand holding History Kards showing slots for patron names.

Private Offer: It was suggested to me, and I think it might be a good idea, to make a special "ground floor" offer to those early enthusiasts who want to get involved. 

I'm thinking something along the lines of a Founder's Klub.

There would be a buy-in, of course, but it would provide valuable bonus content unavailable to the general Crowdfund crowd. For instance, Founders would receive a limited edition, gilt-edged, signed and numbered Collector's Edition of the first set of History Kards. There might only be 10 or 20 of these sets!

Each Founder would also be listed with every deck. 

Additionally, Founders would receive advance notice of the Crowdfund, giving them an edge on becoming the named sponsor of one or more kards.

Yeah, BTW, that's one of the cool things about History Kards. Each kard has a Sponsor's name right on it, for all the world and posterity to see! 

Where We Might Go

The debut set is the 50 Greatest Villains of All Time. But this is just the first of what I hope will be many different sets of History Kards, covering everything from people to places and things.

For instance, I'd really like to do a WWII deck, featuring the most important leaders on all sides of the war. Follow on, expansion or booster decks would include famous vehicles, weapons, battles, significant events and individuals. 

Lending itself to this concept quite well would be a Wild West deck, Age of Pirates deck, decks dedicated entirely to subjects like American Presidents, Golden Age of Hollywood, famous people, cities and events of the Ancient World, etc., etc., etc..

If you have suggestions, please drop them in the comments below. 

Also, be sure to...

Tell Me Whatcha Think, Friend!

So this is where YOU get to weigh in, and I really hope you do, 'cause I NEED some feedback here—hopefully positive feedback.

Please use the Comment Box below—scroll down!

  • If you really like what you're seeing and are excited by the concept, then please let me know. 
  • Similarly, even if you're not personally all that excited but you think others will be, then gimme the skinny. 
  • Even if you hate the idea, I'd like to know why.
  • Finally, what do you think is the best course of action here? A private offer before crowdfunding? Direct to crowdfunding? Ritual seppuku?

One last thing: if you like what I'm doing here and want to see me continue working on History Kards, please SHARE on social media. Commenting and sharing would be really boffo! Every little bit helps with Google, if nothing else. Thank you! 😁 

About the Author

Mann is a former Hollywood/Fortune 500 Wunderkind/Creative Director who was lucky enough to escape the ad biz with his integrity and sanity still intact. Well, mostly.

    • Maybe you will be the first! 😀

      Thanks for the feedback and interest. As soon as I… (consults LOOOONNNNNGGGGGGGG list of things to do)… hmmmm, lemme see… get my infomemes launched and all the related work associated with that… and get my new site-based t-shirt store opened… and upload my new t-shirt designs… and make more progress on several Secret Artt Projekts… and start promoting those, why then I’ll…

      Damn! I gotta get back on History Kards, even if I have to design the entire deck first and then launch it! Grrr…

      So many Ideas, so little Time. 😮

    • Hey Lasha! Thanks for the feedback. It’s like… well… the first I’ve gotten. Good, bad or otherwise.

      After putting the word out (to the extent I can, with my limited reach at this point) I got… crickets. Bupkis. The sound of silence.

      Admittedly, I didn’t barrage FB or Reddit groups with History Kards material, so maybe I just didn’t get the work in front of the right eyeballs to create interest (and, dare I say it, excitement). It just seemed like there was ZERO interest, so I tabled the project for later.

      If ever.

      I plan on re-addressing this ASAP. I figured I might have to build the whole deck and just sell it, rather than crowdfund it, but the amount of time and work involved to get to that point is, well… freakin’ enormous!

      I was hoping (obviously) to cover the costs of further development via crowdfund. But given that I’ve never crowdfunded before, and the concept is a new one (as far as I know), it may also be the good ol’ “right idea, wrong time” kinda thing. I’ve been there before. Timing is everything.

      The upshot? Before you can even get to the crowdfund… well…

      The “received wisdom” from those who’ve successfully launched products that way is that you need to have at least some kind of fanbase (or fans of your concept, anyway), or your crowdfund will debut with a THUD.

      So what I got was a THUD before the THUD. :-/

      Any thoughts or suggestions are appreciated.

      • ok, I hope you continue your project, it looks really interesting. also, can you please tell me some others who else will be included in your history kards, and which card they are going to be if you continue this project? (by this I mean, if say, Kim il-Sung is going to be in the cards, would he be a Jack or 10 or whatever), as I would like to know that, as well as who would be the Jokers.

        • Hey Again Lasha!

          Please forgive the tardiness of my response. I’m in the home stretch of launching my Social Media Memes to the public — another “simple little project” which has turned into an absolute nightmare. Suffice it to say, I’ve been BUSY!

          I took a moment to review my data files for History Kards, and once you get beyond the Aces, Kings and Queens, things get less clear. As it stands now (but don’t hold me to this) I’ve got “the Kim boys” (Kim Il-sung, Kim Jong-il, and Kim Jong-un) slotted in collectively at 15, which puts them in the Jacks, if…

          Well, two things: One, I’ve gotta do more research to see if any of the Kims needs to be broken out individually (the death count for each Kim varies widely, depending on which source you consult (which is not entirely surprising, given that N. Korea is a black box)). Two, I’m not sure if the Jokers are going to come out of the numerical order and be reserved for special individual cases where the body count isn’t that high, but the outrage factor is off the charts.

          The Queens sorta fall into a special category anyway, as only one of them (Queen Ranavalona) has the numbers to merit ranking so high. But I couldn’t very well make the Queens men, even if I could find four tyrannical cross-dressers to fill the bill (joke!).

          Possible (probable) Jokers also include Saddam Hussein and Suharto.

          Thanks so much for your interest!

          Tell me, if I launched this as a crowdfund, would you be interested in participating? Would you be interested in being a sponsor on one of the cards? What kind of related merch would you like to see? Shirts? Prints? I’d love to know what you think. 😉

          P.S.: The other reason for the delay was that I noticed new comments, like yours, are not showing up in the “Recent Comments” section of the sidebar. So, in addition to all the other headaches I’m dealing with right now, I’ve been trying to figure out why that is. My efforts have come to naught, but I’ve got the WordPress brain trust on the matter, so hopefully it gets resolved soon. Wish me luck! 😮

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