Infomemes FAQ

Answers to your questions by the Mann himself. 

How do I reach Support?
Simple. Drop us a line at or use the Kontact form

NOTE: If you have a thought or question that you think might be of interest to others hitting this page, please leave it in the Komment section at the bottom of this page. Your input will help improve this page and/or the product overall. 

Can you tell me more about yourself and the product?
Yes and yes. Klik here for an extensive post about the product. Or, klik here for Mann's Bio

Is it possible for me to upgrade my product later?
Yes. Always. Some of the upgrades are offered as part of the AppSumo purchase process. If you missed those (or did not take advantage of them) they are still available. In addition, there are other related upgrades available as well. 

Do you have an affiliate program?
Not yet, though we may if there is enough interest. If you are interested, please let us know. The more interest we get, the greater the likelihood we'll create an affiliate program. 

Do you have multi-language support?
Unfortunately, no. Again, if there's demand, we'll consider it. Please let us know what language(s) you'd like to see. 

Do I need to be a graphic artist or have art software for this? 
No! All the artsy stuff is done for you. The graphics are standard .JPG files. You simply grab a meme and post it to the appropriate social account (or posting software). If you want to work in bulk, you take one of the provided spreadsheets, modify it for the software you’re using, and upload. It’s easy! 

Do I need Microsoft Excel?
No! If you don’t have a spreadsheet program like Excel or Apple Numbers, you can load the files to  Google Sheets and customize things there (it’s free).  

Do you explain how to best make use of these memes?
Of course! Each step of the process is simple and straightforward, and there’s a detailed “how to” guide to show you what to do and how to do it. We can also help you get set up, or even handle the set up for you. 

Can I brand these graphics with my name/logo/website, etc.?
Yes! You can add your own branding if you’re up to the task, or we can customize them for you.  

Are there more memes or upgrades?
Absolutely! There’s an Enterprise Edition with 3000 (!) memes, and other options as well.

When will the next version (2022) come out?
The best answer I can give you is that the very earliest would be toward the end Q1, but most likely, some time in Q2. The reason for this is that the info on the memes is culled from the research and findings of various web authorities, and they don't generally start publishing that data until well into the new year. So, they first have to gather it, then compile it, then post it in some form or another. Only then can my team and I pull out the important data and update current memes and/or create new ones. So, you can see that it's just not going to happen on Jan 1 of the new year. Rest assured we'll get them out as fast as humanly possible—because we use them too!

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