KULT off MANN logo v1.0 for MANNARTT.com

KULT OF MANN (aka KOM) is for the dedicated Fan of Mann. All that is required is that you pledge undying loyalty. Hey, if it's good enough for Donald Trump, why not? There are no billion year contracts, blood oaths, arcane rituals or secret handshakes – though maybe there should be.

Best of all, you can win a FREE TEE or OTHER COOL GEAR each month—no purchase necessary!

Seriously (ahem), this is the semi-private inner circle of Mann's supporters, champions and friends. You'll get exclusive previews, the chance to weigh in on creative projects, advance notice of special offers, and more. 

All you gotta do is opt in, brah.

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NOTE: This IS NOT the same list as the (in)famous AAATEE SWAGAWAY SWEEPSTAKES, which is only concerned with free monthly giveaways. However, BOTH lists can win FREE TEES every month, so don't be surprised if you get the SWAGAWAY notifications. In the short term—to save what's left of my sanity—we'll be running both contests together as one.  

Various visual treatments of the KULT OF MANN logo, representing the diversity and flexibility of the KULT OF MANN.