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Greetings Fellow Sumo-ling! You made it!

Thank you for being our customer. Here's your files.

Klik the links in the box below to Download. The files are contained within a standard .ZIP file, which you can unpack with software that's probably already on your device. In most cases, all you have to do is DOUBLE KLIK the file and it will begin unpacking automatically. If that doesn't work or you need more info, you can visit the detailed explanation page on Zip files at WikiHow

If you have any questions or need help, fire off a note to:


Please be aware that...

  • The SPREADSHEET files come in three formats: Excel, Numbers and CSV. They DO NOT contain images (only links to them).
  • The MEME files are JPGs, and DO NOT contain the spreadsheet. 

The MEME files are LARGE. Depending on your connection speed, downloading can take a while, so please be patient. 

  • SPREADSHEET File - Square 
  • MEME Files – Square (Facebook, etc.) xx Gigs
  • MEME Files - Horizontal (Twitter) xx Gigs
  • MEME FILES - Vertical (Pinterest) xx Gigs
  • ONE BIG FILE (Contains ALL of the Above) - 10 Gigs
  • Bonus FREE Memes (extras we couldn't fit in the main sets)

NOTE: If you plan to use a SPREADSHEET to upload files to your social media software, you do not absolutely have to download the actual image files, as they are available from our server at any time. In other words, you can save a lot of time by NOT downloading all the files. Use our spreadsheets as a starting point from which to make your upload file(s), and when you upload, the social media software should automatically grab the files for you! Cool, huh?

TIP: After trying literally DOZENS of social media management softwares over the years (and finding them ALL lacking in one way or another), Mann has finally discovered (phew!) what he considers to be THE BEST overall app for the job. Among other great (and largely unique) features, it does direct posting (no hacks, no workarounds) to Instagram and Pinterest, a very rare combination in social media apps! It's even been featured on AppSumo! The customer service is good, too. Check it out here: 


What you saw on AppSumo was only part of the offering we have for you. Yep, it's true!

Due to the way the AppSumo marketplace is set up, we could not offer any of the optional upgrades and extras available with our infomemes. These are:

  • More Memes! You can get up to ONE THOUSAND (1000) MEMES for the Facebook/Instagram/LinkedIn/etc. (square) version, and FIVE HUNDRED (500) each of the Twitter (Horizontal) and Pinterest (Vertical) versions, for a staggering total of TWO THOUSAND (2000) UNIQUE, EYE-POPPING MEMES! This means, for all practical intents and purposes, you'll NEVER run out of content for your feeds, even posting many times a day. Never fear the dread "repeat tweet" ever again.
  • Full Branding/Customization! We can take these infomemes and ADD YOUR INFO to them, so they appear to come from you! This means putting your name/business name, logo and website address (URL) on each and every graphic! This will greatly increase the long-term impact and value to your business. 
  • Social Media Management/Posting Services! Let us do the grunt work for you. Now that we've been down the long and winding road to get to this point, we know how to upload these files efficiently. Trust us when we say it can be a bear! If you don't have the right social media software and/or a great social media manager and you want to post like a beast, you have two options: 1) Do it in-house (in which case we highly recommend that you use the one piece of software we mentioned above) or 2) do it out-house (sorry—you know what we mean). If you'd rather let the experts do it, we can handle your posting campaigns on most major social posting apps for you. Needless to say, that means you can focus on the things that require your skills and attention, rather than fiddling around with posting. 
  • Mass Meme Creation! We can adapt our capabilities to meet your needs. Perhaps you want to create a set of your own messages and generate hundreds or even thousands of variations. Perhaps you want to do "bulk posting" to a service like Pinterest or Twitter which uses "non standard" image sizes? Perhaps you want to "spin" totally unique posts across multiple social media platforms. Whatever the case, we gotcha covered. Just ask!

Again, if you have any questions or need help, email us: