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Social Media Memes -FREE- 2021 Digital Video Marketing Stats – Stunning!

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It's here! The first of Mann's epic, arresting and BAM-POW beautiful social media memes. There's a reason I chose the word "stunning" to describe this set. Two reasons, actually. The first is how they look, and the second is the information they impart. 

Together, they rock worlds.

This big ol' set of 100 eye-popping social media graphics covers the most important "silo" within the broad subject of online marketing for 2021 (and beyond). What is it? Two words: video marketing.

Doubt this statement? Well, then you'd better check out the info in these social media memes themselves, because you'll quickly see I'm not exaggerating!

Social Media Graphics for Every Major Usage!

There are stunning changes afoot in the world of online marketing, and the influence of video on all of them cannot be understated. Most people are not aware of these big changes and how they will affect business at every level—from local mom-and-pop shops to global e-commerce and big name brand marketing operations. 

Post these cutting-edge social media memes and you will be perceived as the expert by informing your viewers of what is already here now, today, right under their noses—and more importantly, what is coming! 

FREE Social Media Memes for You!

You can get 10 FREE, unbranded social media memes for use in your own social media feeds right here, right now. These social media graphics can be posted to your site, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Tumblr, etc. Wherever you want! 

In fact, these social media graphics were designed specifically for the two biggest, most influential viral channels: Facebook and Instagram!

Marketplace Facts 2021 – Video Marketing | Set of 10 FREE Social Media Memes, Perfectly Sized for Facebook and Instagram!

These 10 gorgeous and informative graphics, representing the best in social media design, are 100% FREE to use as you see fit—and Mann's gift to you! The memes of this small set are NOT part of the larger set, which means you'll really have 110 unique social media graphics when you get both!

The Basic Set of Marketplace Facts includes 100 unique, colorful, unbranded social media memes that you can use to grab and hold viewer interest, provide valuable information to other business people and generate Likes and Shares for your own business.

You can re-brand them by putting your name/logo/site in the lower left corner, just as we have done for WebMarketingServices. Cool, huh?

Or, if you lack the interest, means or desire to do this for yourself, Mann and his team can custom brand these social media graphics for you. You have the option to order this at checkout. 

Mann is giving away #FREE #SocialMedia #Memes from his Video Marketing facts set. 

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Video Marketing Social Media Memes

Virtually every expert and indicator is pointing towards the same simple truth. Whether it's leaders in social media itself (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.) or leading research and metrics firms (Google, AdWeek, Alexa, etc.), they're all saying the same thing. The trends and numbers are indisputable and undeniable. 

In short: video is dominating marketing online. Period. End of story. Further, video is increasingly dominating the web overall.

These social media graphics from Mann are all about video and video marketing. They're topical, informative, interesting and, if you're NOT doing video, alarming! Heck, some would say these video marketing memes are far beyond alarming, as the truth revealed can be earth-shaking and perhaps even paradigm-shifting to some! 

Chart data courtesy of Wyzowl and Animoto.

In fact, if YOU are not familiar with the trends and reality shown on these social media memes, you may need to sit down first!

Why? Because if you're not doing video you're not only missing out on the best, most effective (and arguably cost-effective) means of reaching people today, you're also falling further and further behind your competition, which may well be doing video and... here's the hard part... eating your lunch!

NOTE: If your competition is NOT using video right now, you have a remarkable opportunity many others would kill for. Don't squander it—take advantage of it! Leap ahead of the competition and establish your dominance while it's (relatively) easy! 

Business owners need to know that #video #marketing is now dominant. These Social Media Memes (F-R-E-E G-I-F-T) show it! 

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Social Media Graphics — One Set, Many Options

The Standard (Basic) Set of Marketplace Facts 2021 consists of 100 informative video marketing memes on ten different, gorgeous square backgrounds, designed specifically for Instagram and Facebook. 

The set is directed at business people of all stripes (ranging from local brick and mortar shop owners to online marketers to Fortune 500 CEOs), and these graphics will open eyes as the stats open their minds (I hope). 

But what about other formats? You need special social media graphics to take advantage of platforms that DO NOT favor square image posts. 

For instance, this is what Twitter does to Mann's gorgeous social media graphics... 

Social Media Design Specifically for Twitter!

Image showing how our standard square Basic Set images look on Twitter. Particularly bad if you want your own custom branding to show!

Twitter, probably the #2 social media sharing network after Facebook, prefers horizontal format posts. Square posts will get trimmed top and bottom, which requires a click in order to be read. Not good for getting impressions or likes and shares (i.e. retweets).

My 1:2 proportion horizontal format version of the Basic Set has 100 paired posts designed to be perfect for Twitter!

Example of how Mann's 2up horizontal social media memes (i.e. the Twitter Version) actually look on the platform. Big impact – double tap – bang bang! 

Social Media Memes Made for Pinterest!

Pinterest, one of the best "alternative" social media platforms—and very popular with well-heeled users—prefers a vertical format post.

But recently, the network has said that "tower" posts, which used to dominate, are no longer preferred. 

They don't want posts which are too tall, and square or horizontal format posts simply do not get the impressions and engagement.

The 2:1 proportion vertical format version of the Basic Set has 100 paired posts designed to be perfect for Pinterest!

Example of how the 2up vertical social media memes (i.e. the Pinterest Version) actually look on the platform. Instant interest and response (screenshot taken minutes after posting)!

The good news is, as you can tell from the above, Mann has created special versions of my Standard Set for these kinds of applications (horizontal and vertical). You can get them as an upgrade, separately or together!

Enterprise Edition: Endless Social Media Memes...

100 unique graphics (100 each for the Twitter and Pinterest sets) may seem like a lot of content, but it can go really, really fast.

At five posts a day (probably the most you want to do on many networks), that's only 20 days worth of fresh content!

Once you've run through the Marketplace Facts 2021 - Video Marketing set, you're faced with the prospect every serious social media marketer is faced with: to repeat, or not to repeat.

Some platforms are better about this than others, but the general rule of thumb is that you don't repeat if you can avoid it—and if you do repeat, spread it out over time.

The absolute worst thing you can do with your social media content (because it pisses both the platform and your regs off) is regularly repeat the exact same stuff over and over again. You can spread the 100 posts out far enough that you shouldn't have any worries about being penalized for repeat content. However...

With a gorgeous (and informative) set of social media graphics like these, you'll likely want to repeat them. Right? Especially when  they're generating engagement! Fortunately, there's a bullet-proof end-run around the duplicate content issue.  

What is it? It's THIS. Social Media Design X10!

The Enterprise Edition! Whether unbranded or custom branded to suit your preferences, you'll get ONE THOUSAND SOCIAL MEDIA MEMES from my Basic set! We put each and every video marketing data point on ten different backgrounds.

With the Enterprise Edition of my social media graphics, you get the Basic Set of 100 memes... TENFOLD! So yeah... the above... TIMES TEN!!! You'll get 1000 completely unique and original posts!

So, to be clear... that's 100 x 10 or... 1000 total social media memes!


Yep. Mann did that! 

Is he insane? Maybe. Arguably. Probably. But YOU can benefit from his madness. 

Get the Enterprise Edition if you don't ever want to worry about the dread "repeat tweet!" Oh, and for the real maniacs out there, we can even apply the same method to the Twitter and Pinterest versions, giving you 1000 images instead of 100!

NOTE: We are NOT responsible for suicidal ideations if you attempt to schedule all 3000 memes at once! 

Marketplace Facts 2021 - #VideoMarketing - #Memes for FB, Twitter, IG, Pinterest. Even fully branded and customized 4 YOU! F-R-E-E Set. #Cool. 

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Custom Social Media Memes and YOU

Mann Can Add YOUR Logo and URL to the Entire Set!

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You will note that Mann's video marketing-oriented memes are unbranded in their basic form. For some, this is fine. But many folks want and need fully branded content. Rest assured, he's got you covered!

You can get a fully custom branded version of the Basic Set, the Twitter and Pinterest versions, and even the Enterprise edition, using your logo/brand mark. All you have to do is pay for the customization option you want and we'll take care of the rest. 

Trust Mann, who had to build this entire freakin' set the hard way. You DON'T want to have to do this by hand! Save MANY HOURS of your time and a TON of aggravation.

Let us custom brand your social media memes for you. Then all you have to worry about is posting 'em!

IMPORTANT NOTE: When you order the customization option, your social media memes become 100% UNIQUE TO YOU! There's no chance that Google, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. will penalize you in any way for having social media graphics in your feed which are the same as everyone else!  

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